Poems for Two Voices   

Mississippi Trial

Christian Mormile

RDG 589


HIRAM                                                                                       GRANDPA

1.  As far as Im concerned, Ive got no choice.                  

                                                                                        2.  Hes got to do what he

                                                                                               thinks is right.

 3.  Thats just the way things are down here.                     3.  Thats just the way

                                                                                                  things are down here.

 4. Granpa, Ronnie Rennington told me 
something about a promise.                                                    

                                                                                    5.  A mans got to take

                                                                                    charge of his own life.

6. Thats just the way things are down here.             6.  Thats just the way things

                                                                                    are down here.

 7. "They killed him.  Doesnt that make you feel mad?                                                                         

                                                                                    8.  Ive got reasons.  And I

                                                                                            dont have to be

                                                                                            explaining them to my 



9.  Why dont they want to vote?                                  

                                                                                                10.  Thats just the way

                                                                                                    things are down here.    



The Voices in My Head

(A poem for two voices based on the novel Mississippi Trial, 1955 by Crhis Crowe)

Kimberly Fry

Jessica Ouellette

Leigh Buczak

Deborah Rand


If he stayed in his place hed be alive today.


                                                                             Hes just a kid, a kid like me.


If I had a choice Id be on a train today to



                                                                             But Emmett Till is dead, for no

                                                                             good reason.


Its an evil thing, a terrible, hateful thing.


Do I have a choice?                                             Of course I have a choice.


Do you really think a jury of white Delta

men is going to take your word over

that of a local boy?


                                                                             The wickedness!


Youre a good boy son, and Im proud

of you.


                                                                             Remember who you are Hiram.


I know youll do the right thing.                     Remember to do whats right.



Poem for Two Voices

Teri Michaud and performed bo music with Robin, Leeann and Michelle

My dad hates hate.                             My dad hates hate.



You know how sometimes when you get

What you think you always wanted      What you think you always wanted

                                                          (B) It turns out to be nothing like you expected.


That be the case                                 That be the case

(A) You best learn not to                    (B) Be so uppity around white people


There is no friendship                         There is no friendship

(A) Between whites and coloreds        (B) Never should be, never will be


Separate but equal                              Separate but equal

(A) Except in schools                         (B) Except in churches

(A) Except on trains                           (B) Except in stores


Know your place                                Know your place

Then work to change it                       Then work to change it                                                                                


Collage by Terri Michaud


front porch swing  lemonade in tall glasses  push mower near bird bath and water sprinkler


dirt road to  tar paper shack beware pf barb wire strung from posts


new plaid skirts for school yellow bus check  lunch break book bag note chalk board


no dream informal education barely reading walk all ways  easily damaged


front door to the lunch counter to the voting booth to the movie theater to the fountain


back door or none; whether you are the star or not;  water down the hall or go to the outhouse